International Women's Day

Hey you, yes, you! You crushing it again at life today? I thought so.

I can’t be the only person who occasionally stops and thinks “damn, look at all of the things I accomplished today”. Trust me, it’s not every day that I give myself these kudos, but when I take a moment to think about all of things that women naturally do on a daily basis without even batting an eye……it’s undeniable how incredible we are!

Women around the world, in nearly every culture, navigate the expectations of society and gender inequality, and we often do it subconsciously. It’s all we’ve known. However, its critical to remember that numerous people rely on us every single day for the basics. Women are society’s glue. Are you caring for children making meals, playing shuttle driver between soccer and band practice, cleaning bedrooms, laundry, making sure homework is done……the list goes on? Or perhaps you are taking care of aging parents making sure they are safe, bathed and fed, and have transportation to and from appointments. How about being an empathetic support system for your partner while they navigate daily stressors at work or intricacies of life? Perhaps on occasion you are even dropping whatever you’re doing in the moment to be a caring shoulder to cry on for a friend?

We certainly can’t omit the fact that many women accomplish these things while
simultaneously killing it in their full-time career. Or perhaps you are retired from your career, but a grandmother that helps with childcare, compassionately helping your child to ease some of their daily stressors. Do any of these accomplishments resonate with you? I thought they would.

As we all know, women continue to fight for equality and women’s rights throughout the world. As conscious as we are of the gender bias that exists, we are still in these often-unappreciated roles where we put our heads down and accomplish these daily tasks without a fleeting thought. It’s just what we do. So why do we only get one day to recognize the achievements of women all over the world? I’m sure you agree that every day should be International Women’s Day, but no, we get March 8th.

I take solace in the fact that this world would not function without the caring, compassionate diligent daily work of women. Simply by being a woman, we make the fabric of society whole. So, kudos to you ladies on this International Women’s Day, and every day. Your badassery is acknowledged, admired, and celebrated. This world could not function without your multi-tasking prowess and innate, compassionate, diligence. We see you. Thank you for being the glue.

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