A message from our Founder & CEO, Bree McKeen

As you can probably tell by my practical approach to bras, when it comes to shopping, I like to get in and get out. I rely on recommendations from other women I know. So this year I decided to pitch in and share my own “easy and good” gift list.

Rugged / Danner Boots 

A quality gift built to last. 

I splurged on their old school classic. Last year, I needed new do-everything boots, and I’m so glad I chose these. They are stitched leather inside and out, which means there is nothing to wear out or get gross over time. I loved them so much I bought some for Mom. Definitely something that will make them feel special, and they’ll feel that way for the next twenty years as they wear these seriously durable boots. Made by hand in Portland, if anything goes wrong, they’ll fix it for you. These boots pair perfectly with the Defy bra, creating an ensemble that says “outta my way, I’m goin’ places”.

Splurge / Aurate 

Gorgeous fine jewelry that cuts out the middle man.

Founded by two women who are easy to get behind, Sophie and Bouchra, you can find the highest quality jewelry, beautiful designs, and at every price point. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and she pays for them herself.” What’s not to love!? Perfect for sister, daughter or mom. Oh, and check out this gorgeous collaboration with actor Kerrie Washington! But order early, because some designs are made to order.

Comfort / Evelyn & Bobbie 

Is it weird to gift underwear? NO, it's not. 

Because it’s the best underwear on the planet. And with our easy sizing, 0-14 or 16-26, you can select the right size with ease. I recommend getting five pairs of the High Waisted Retro Bikini. And be sure to throw in an elegant and functional wash and travel bag. That all comes together to make such a gorgeous gift. Your mom (or sister, or wife, or aunt) will LOVE IT.

Easy / Glow Gifts 

Easy gifting the whole household will love. 

I love Glow Gifts. We just took the kids for a fishing weekend and stayed with a friend on their ranch. I knew just what to do when we got home: whip up a Glow Box online. They partner with local, small-batch businesses, and they are women owned. So this one is a sure hit for almost anyone on your list. They do everything from brunch to spa boxes (including Williamette Valley Bubbly!). Classy, classy.

Last Minute / Cheekbone Beauty 

Cosmetics with a cause. 

If you’re going the gift card route, Cheekbone Beauty is one that is as fun as it is meaningful. Badass, indigenous founder Jenn is on a mission to empower indigenous youth. She donates a portion of profits to a range of critical indigenous causes and nonprofits. Clean and sustainable, they have bold, glorious colors, especially lipsticks, which is where Jenn got started.

Budget / Homemade Crafts 

Make a gift with pinecones! An easy win; fun for the whole family 

No matter where you live, if there are trees, you can probably find some pinecones. This year the kids and I are dipping them in paint and gluing on real Swarovski crystals to make them sparkly and fun. (Spoiler alert for everyone in my family: Act surprised.) Two minutes on Pinterest will have your creativity flowing.

Best of luck shopping (or crafting) this holiday season!