Hello softness. Hello stretch.

Softness and stretch. That was the theme for our gorgeous spread in Vogue's March issue, and it sums up the magic of our underwear. "Softness & Stretch" sounds simple enough, but I can guarantee you, achieving our incredible softness and optimized fit took a lot of care and attention to detail

Many of you might be wondering how on earth one size underwear actually fit someone who is a size 0 and a size 14 (or similarly, fit 16-24)? This answer is innovative stretch technology.

The Evelyn & Bobbie product team worked closely with our partners to design our fabric down to the fiber. We used higher quality, higher durability elastane (the stretchy stuff) to make sure our underwear has both optimal stretch and durability. There are literally thousands of needles on the fabric weaving machines, each thinner than a piece of hair and working with complex computer programming to make everything run perfectly. Talk about innovation!

Lots of underwear claim to be seamless under clothes, but when you wear them in real life, they roll and move around during the day–hello panty lines! Is this something that has been a pain in your rear–literally? Our underwear are virtually invisible, no matter what, all day long. 

The secret lies in our advanced lamination technology. Big box stores have laminated seams, but then the glue they use makes the edges crispy and thick, creating bulges and bumps. Not ours! As we always say, 'your curves are just fine the way they are.' We never compress, bind, or constrict. Our lamination stretches at the exact same ratio as the fabric, so you never get lumps and bumps. Just a second-skin feeling, gently smoothing, wildly comfortable underwear that you can put on, and forget about. 

Forgettable underwear? Yes. Because you're a boss and have more important things to think about!

So go ahead, clean out your drawer with those stretched out, worn out, raggedy old pairs. And hook yourself up with the underwear you deserve. 

Hello Softness. Hello Stretch. Hello Evelyn & Bobbie! 

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