“Green Bras Never Sell” & Other Things of the Past

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When I started this company in 2015, everywhere I turned I heard yet another “rule” about how the bra industry works. Rules like, “you can’t lift and separate unless you have a wire.” Rules like, “women over a C-cup should only wear underwire bras.” 

So many rules.

 One of those rules (or shall I call it “lore”) was that “green bras never sell.” The people who told me this were very experienced people who know what they are talking about. People I respect and admire who have taught me a lot. They said it because for a very long time, it was true. 

But it turns out, it’s not true anymore.

Our magnificent Monstera Green color sold out lightning fast–not once, but twice–this year.

I love that little crispy nugget of goodness. 

I love it because to me, it’s a diagnostic that things are changing. Little by little, piece by piece, this industry—and the world—is changing. And yes, we take some steps forward, and sometimes even more steps back. (That is real. And hard.) 

Yes, I do realize that we make underwear. But I truly believe that you can participate in culture change no matter what you are doing.  When I look at what things were like when I started this crazy Bra-venture nearly ten years ago, we have come a long way:

1. In 2018, when we launched our first products, inclusive nudes were unheard of. When we launched with inclusive nudes it was brand new. Now, it’s increasingly common. (I’m not saying everyone is doing it well, but it’s out there.)

2. 38DDD was the largest size carried by almost all the biggest retailers. Stopping at 38DDD left out nearly half of American bodies. That size is smack-dab in the middle of our standard distribution curve. Now, in 2023, “inclusivity” (whether real or lip-serviced) is everywhere.

3. Comfort is a core value. When I started, everywhere you looked it was “sexy, sexy, sexy.” I think societally we are over a narrow focus “sexy.” We are moving to more of a “sensual” place. Because sensuality includes your experience and above all, your comfort.

So as the last SKUs of Monstera Green sell out at Evelyn & Bobbie this holiday season, I’m taking it as a sign that change is on the horizon. I know in my bones that what we do at Evelyn & Bobbie is changing culture for the better. I am part of it, and you are part of it. Decades of stagnation are turning to winds of change. And I am glad.
 Stand tall and lead from the heart.

With love,