Get your girls in healthy bras from the start!

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Our beautiful daughter, Maezy, just turned 13 a few weeks back. She is an athlete, a hard-working student, and the best damn daughter and big sister a parent could ask for. 

Maezy also now fits into the Scoop XS. It’s hard to express how much it means to me that our girl is going to grow up with comfort as a prerequisite for any bra she wears. (That is a far cry from what I experienced as a Gen-X’er.) We just gave away a whole box of XS and S bras to each of her girlfriends at her birthday party, and the girls’ enthusiasm was heartwarming for me.

I’m proud that Evelyn & Bobbie bras are setting a new standard for women, old and young alike.

For those of you who have daughters and granddaughters in their teen years, the Bobbie Scoop – like all of our bras–is anatomically appropriate, non-toxic, ergonomic, and modest. A perfect first bra for any young women in your life.

While perhaps someday in the future we will take on “tween” bras more holistically, the XS and S Bobbie Scoop is a great way to get your girls in healthy bras from the start.  This fall, consider giving the gift of comfort to your daughters and granddaughters. They will thank you for it! From the heart,


P.S. Please don’t put your girls in racerback bras. They are bad for their posture, and that means bad for spinal development!