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In late July, our CEO did a second photoshoot with the stunning Hekla Elísabet near her home-base in Reykjavìk Iceland. We are delighted to share the results of those shoots with you here. This week we’ll be showcasing the images from the July shoot. Thanks to Hekla for sharing her radiant energy with EB!

Hekla: I’ve been modeling casually for about three years now, doing some editorial and commercial work at home in Iceland. Truth be told, there is not much work to be found for plus-size models in my country but I love doing it whenever I get the chance. 

When Bree contacted me for a shoot for EB I was hesitant, as I had never [done an intimates shoot]. Many crazy thoughts went through my head; thoughts like “I don’t have the body for an underwear shoot” and “maybe the company has me confused with someone else.” After looking into the brand I realized that probably wasn’t the case. I’ve had many different experiences in the industry, some good and others bad. The worst is being cast as the one token big girl in an ensemble of thin women in an effort to project the image of inclusivity or showing up for a project to find out the stylist didn’t bring anything in your size. Shooting with EB was an entirely different experience, one of the best I’ve ever had. For the first time ever I felt that every bump and roll of my body was not merely tolerated but celebrated. That was very new and empowering experience for me.

I felt very anxious before the first shoot, as anyone would before having their picture taken in their underwear for the first time, but that all went away as soon as I met Bree. She had such a kind and nourishing presence and made me feel so comfortable about the whole thing. I remember being surprised by how easy and relaxed it turned out to be and growing more comfortable in my skin by the minute. It was just so much fun, even though it was cold and raining for the most part. Also I’ll never forget the fantastic toast Bree made me with a whole lot of Icelandic butter and jam.

Before the second shoot I didn’t get anxious at all, I was just excited to do it again. I felt so much more confident than the first time and I could fully allow myself to relax, even though I had gained some vacation weight in the meantime. I just felt comfortable and good about myself, you know? In underwear! I never thought I would get there.

When not modeling, I work for UN Women in Iceland. I’ve always been passionate about gender equality and human rights and I’m very fortunate to be able to work for a cause that really matters to me. The main objective of UN Women in Iceland is raising awareness and funds for projects that aim to better the lives of women by empowering them politically and economically, eliminating gender-based violence and making sure that their needs are met in countries affected by conflict, disasters and extreme poverty. UN Women makes a huge impact on the lives of women and girls around the world and it's a great honor to just be a tiny particle of it. 



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