Fierce Females, Liz Whitman of Exponent Beauty

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I’ve often heard, “entrepreneurship can be lonely.” 

At times, that can be true. But one of the most incredible parts of being a female entrepreneur in my experience, is the bada$$ women with whom I share this entrepreneurship path. Liz Whitman of Exponent Beauty is one of those women. 

Liz called “BS” on expensive products who claim to have powerful properties but sit on the shelf too long to remain powerful. And she came up with a totally revolutionary form factor for packaging to keep your facial products truly powerful and product measurable results… You actually mix active ingredients yourself, seconds before use, and then enjoy “fresh mixed” products that pack a punch. 

Liz is a true product-geek kindred spirit, so I asked her to think about her brand in the framework of Evelyn & Bobbie’s core values, which Liz also totally embodies! Magic and Power. 


I hope you enjoy this mini interview with Liz!


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  • Who are you, and what do you do?
  • I’m a beauty industry insider- most recently, I was the President of The Red Door by Elizabeth Arden—and I am on a penance mission to expose the dirtiest of secrets: active ingredients in skincare degrade rapidly once exposed to water, air, and light.
  • I’m Liz Whitman and I’m the Founder of Exponent Beauty, the first skincare system that delivers anti-aging ingredients at peak potency with our patented, precision dosing technology. Our anti-aging serums are clinically tested and proven to diminish fine lines and wrinkles to brightening and tightening. Finally, we have invented our award-winning, beautiful, refillable packaging system to eliminate plastic waste so it’s also better for the planet.
  • In just a few words, what's happening with your brand, and where do you plan to take it? 
  • After three years of intense research & development, Exponent Beauty was unveiled to the world recently and it’s been so incredible to see consumers posting about the drastic, visible results they’re seeing in their skin. That’s truly the holy grail for us, so often consumers in this category will comment they like how something feels or the dewy effects they see but it’s so infrequent to have someone write a long paragraph to the brand and say “my sunspot went away in two weeks.” It’s what keeps our team going!
  • Over the next year, we will continue to focus on new product launches (we have one this fall!) and on expanding our distribution in luxury spas, medspas, and dermatologist offices.
  • At Evelyn & Bobbie, we believe in magic and power: leaving a mark on the world. So in that spirit, what mark do you want to leave on the world? 
  • We are all about magic and power! Exponent literally means ‘to the power of’ and our tagline is Your Power Preserved. Our patented precision dosed packaging system is pretty magical too.
  • I want to help consumers navigate the misleading claims and marketing of the beauty industry by focusing not just on what products are free of, but what they’re full of. I want beauty products that will deliver on what they promise.
  • Beyond that, I hope that Exponent Beauty will continue to invent magical new form factors and delivery systems that will enhance the efficacy of tried and true, scientifically-proven ingredients for powerful clinical results.

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