Fierce Females - Dr. Hilary Costello

In our Fierce Females series, we introduce you to the inspiring women in the EB community.

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Dr. Hilary Costello, naturopathic physician and skin surgeon, has served the Portland, Oregon community since 2005 at her private practice Luca Holistic Medicine. She is well known nationally for her radiofrequency precision dermatology surgery procedures and internationally for her botanical art. 

Her herbal skincare formulas are well loved by her patients and she recently launched her organic skincare line Luca Botanica

She has worked at the National University of Natural Medicine as an adjunct professor of Dermatology and Clinical Physical Diagnosis and lectures privately for women’s groups, such as Women of Nike at the Nike World Headquarters and the Portland Police Bureau, to provide education on topics such as the importance of addressing excessive stress exposure for women in the workplace.

She has chaired international non-profit organizations to protect the girl-child from violence and the medical issues involved with early marriage and childbirth. Her life’s work is to help people with their health by finding the best medicines and lifestyle practices to live well, age well, and be inspired to be the absolute best version of themselves. 

Skincare   –   Medical Practice   –   Art 

"The intrigue and beauty of plants and their relationship to human beings is never ending for me. Over the last 25 years, my passions for botanical medicine and art have seamlessly blended into my current work."

I have worked in holistic dermatology for many years, with thousands of patients of all ages, both men and women, and have seen what the skin needs in response to our environments, the sun, our genetics, and lifestyle choices. My goal is to be part of the solution to improve our healthcare system for all, one patient at a time.

As many of us have experienced in life, when we invest in ourselves and are able to focus our intentions through hard work and dedication, we are able to reach farther than we initially thought. This happened for me in 2022. I was accepted into the esteemed British Society for Botanical Artists and have embarked on a journey that will take my art to London, Spain, and Germany to tour with botanical artists from around the world. I have successfully launched Luca Botanica Holistic Skincare as a way to share my formulas beyond my medical practice. I always tell my daughters dreams do come true.

When asked by my dear friend and colleague, Bree McKeen, to be featured as a Fierce Female, it reminded me of the importance of remembering that all things are possible in life. 

We share the journey to success and happiness. We are here to support each other, one bra at a time or one skin formula at a time. In all of our endeavors we share our skills, our talents, and connection to each other.

We celebrate as women that are fierce and capable of anything.


I come from a long line of women with large bra sizes, and have three beautiful daughters that share the same curvy figure. Working with amazing women in my medical practice for over 2 decades, through pregnancies and breastfeeding, hormonal ages and stages, and breast cancers, I recognize the crucial importance and value of functional, supportive, and attractive bras that we love. 

My clinical shifts can run 10 hours on some days and under my scrubs, I want my bra and underwear to be soft, supportive, and beautiful. The last thing that any of us need to be worrying about is an uncomfortable bra. Life is too short for that.

We want our bras to allow us to feel free to fully engage in life, meet all of our needs, feel sexy in our own right when we want to, and to look and feel good.

I celebrate this new era of the natural woman, all shapes and sizes, body and sex positive, power to embrace the feminine, all curves included.

As my daughters and I always say, we are “large and in charge”. Evelyn & Bobbie is hitting the mark on support, comfort, style, beauty, the mission, and our ever-growing community of women, here to help a sister out along the journey for the perfect bra and underwear. 



"The High-Waisted Thong is a family favorite for myself and my three grown daughters. It’s by far the most comfortable thong I have ever encountered and I am not a thong kind of gal. This is the only thong I wear. Perfect fit. Comfort. No panty lines."

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