In our Fierce Females series, we introduce you to the inspiring women in the EB community.

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Carrie Richards is the VP of Compliance & Marketing for Richards Grassfed Beef; a family-run cattle ranch focused on regenerative agriculture. This Earth Day, we are excited to share the work that Carrie and her family are doing to make the world a better place - one grass-fed steak at a time. 

Traditional cattle ranching can take an enormous toll on the land where the cattle are raised. By utilizing innovative holistic management practices, Richards has actually improved the quality of the water, soil and ecology on her ranch.

In addition to producing delicious products you can feel good about feeding your family, Richards also teaches these practices to her peers - leading the push for innovation and transparency in decades-old industry. 


“Our Mission is to lead the industry in the use of trust and transparency.  By doing this we will help people understand where their food comes from, support family ranch’s regenerative practices that strengthen our environment and provide the healthiest products possible to our customers.”


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