Evelyn & Bobbie’s Two Page Spread in Vogue Magazine - March 2019

Our team couldn't be more excited to have a full two-page spread in Vogue's March issue, which drops this week.

This is Vogue Magazine: we knew we needed a captivating image that would stand out. So we came up with an idea to visually convey the magical softness and stretch of our underwear: we got over 90 yards of fabric, two industrial fans, and a team of willing bodies.

Truth be told, we had no idea if it would work.

At one point we had eight people on the team, four on each side, getting a full-body workout waving long sheets of fabric a-synchronously while the photographer snapped thousands of shots. I sat eagerly at the monitor, anxiously watching, fingers crossed, hoping that the stars would align for a few amazing images.

But as always, when people come together with determination and creativity, magic happens.

The image of Mahsa that you see in Vogue is almost entirely un-retouched (there were a few spots on the fabric that needed cleaning up), and Mahsa herself is entirely un-retouched. We had to reconsider that decision for a moment, because most of the time, eh-hem "headlights" are edited out. But Mahsa is a real person, and the truth is.... we all have nipples. So, we decided to be a little bit bold and leave her the way she actually appeared in that moment. It's cold when you have two giant fans being blasted at you!

The team put an incredible effort into this shoot, and it was pretty amazing to see it all come together. We've included some behind the scenes shots here to share the exhilaration of being on-set that day.

So when you see the March 2019 issue of Vogue, pick it up, check us out, and tell us what you think. We love hearing from you!

From the heart,

Bree McKeen

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