Evelyn & Bobbie Featured on Today Show

“Bobbie’s Best” Segment

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As a brand that’s proudly built on customer feedback, we can’t get enough of Evelyn & Bobbie bra reviews. That’s why we were excited to announce that our products recently earned a feature on the Today Show's "Bobbie’s Best" segment and on the Today Show website.

The segment is led by the renowned Bobbie Thomas, who has built a reputation for endorsing only the most game-changing MVP products of the beauty and fashion world. We hope that Evelyn & Bobbie’s bras, included alongside other top Today Show products, will reach even more women of all shapes and sizes.

Evelyn & Bobbie’s Showcased Today Show Products

We were honored to join fellow brands like Fenty Beauty and Naturopathica in partnering with the Today Show for a “Bobbie’s Best for Less” segment. Throughout the segment, Bobbie introduced Today Show hosts Jenna Bush Hager & Hoda Kotb to some of her favorite must-have products.

Among them were our Smoothing Bra Cami and Starlette Plunge Bra, which proudly served as visual aids. "Even though there’s no underwire, it lifts and separates and holds," Bobbie explained as she demonstrated the strength and flexibility of the patented EB Core® that you can find in each of our wireless bras.


The Smoothing Bra Cami, a combined bra and tank, has long been a favorite of many of our customers, as it offers an elegant base layer for any garment. With an ergonomic design and smoothing back and side bands, the Smoothing Bra Cami offers a luxurious mix of contouring and comfort.

Infused with EB Core® Patented Lift, it's a perfect choice for minimizing back and shoulder pain while maximizing confidence. As Bobbie pointed out, the Smoothing Bra Cami also comes in a wide range of stylish colors, from our True Complexion line to limited edition leopard print.

The Evelyn & Bobbie Starlette Plunge Bra is a newer addition that features our lowest neckline to date. Designed to provide invisible comfort and support under any garment, the Starlette Plunge Bra offers adjustable straps and plenty of weightless lift in all the most flattering places.

Not only is the Starlette Plunge Bra designed with built-in anti-odor and moisture-wicking technology, but also offers extra support layers for larger breasts. Whether you’re in search of a bra with an alluring three-dimensional lift or wardrobe versatility, the Starlette Plunge has all your bases covered.

Evelyn & Bobbie's Brand Innovation

As Bobbie pointed out in her segment, “Most women who are 36F have to support 20 or more pounds.” Evelyn & Bobbie’s Founder Bree McKeen created our brand based on the belief that women shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for confidence.

That’s why she left behind a career in finance to create an underwire-free solution that would offer women of every shape an alternative to the discomfort of traditional bra options. After years of research and feedback from real women, Evelyn & Bobbie is transforming the lives of women around the world.

So, what goes into making a bra comfortable? It starts with the understanding that each woman’s body has its own unique needs. That’s why the EB Core® is ergonomically designed to mold to the natural contours of your body, rather than force it to conform to a conventional standard.

We reject the idea that an item of clothing that women wear every day should be the first thing they long to tear off as soon as they get home. Each of our bras was thoroughly wear-tested to ensure it delivered the all-day comfort and reliability that Evelyn & Bobbie strives for.

We're grateful for industry leaders like Bobbie Thomas for helping us bring our bras to more women all over the country. We believe so deeply that everyone deserves to enjoy beauty and comfort that we spent years developing the technology to make it happen.

As featured on the Today Show website, Evelyn & Bobbie is redefining the bra industry with products built for women, by women. Don’t miss out on the buzz—shop now and experience a whole new era of comfort, style, and elegance.