Comfortable Thongs 101:
Everything You've Wanted to Know


When it comes to thongs, there are two types of women out there – those who love thongs and refuse to wear anything else and those who find them unbearably uncomfortable. So if you’re the second type, know that there are a lot of other women who feel the same way.

However, you shouldn’t write off the idea of comfortable thong underwear as impossible just yet. We can assure you comfortable thongs are definitely a thing, and we’ve got them down to a science here at Evelyn & Bobbie. Here’s a closer look at everything you need to know to finally fall in love with thongs.

Why Wear a Thong Anyway?

Thongs have been considered an underwear must-have for ages now, and with good reason. Let us count the ways.

  • Thongs are the most efficient option to reach for when you don’t want to risk ruining your outfit with visible panty lines.
  • Thongs are terrific solutions for women who prefer a “barely there” approach to underwear.
  • Thongs can be elegant, feminine, and distinctive ways to add some pop to your lingerie collection.
  • Poor fit, due to issues related to band size, cup size, and improper fittings
  • Inadequate support, especially in wire-free options
  • Health issues related to chronic pain and bra-related shoulder strain

However, you don’t have to be stepping out in a figure-hugging ensemble that practically demands a thong to enjoy wearing one. Once you master the art of how to comfortably wear a thong, you’ll find they pair wonderfully with anything from a tailored business suit to your favorite pair of weekend jeans.

At the very least, it’s a good idea to keep at least a couple of thong-style options on hand. You never know when one will be just the solution you need to elevate an outfit.

Are Thongs Comfortable?

Thongs are a lot like bras in that a lot of women simply assume they’re uncomfortable by definition when that’s just not true. In actuality, comfort is all about finding the right option for you – something that fits you well and is made with wearability in mind.

So, is wearing a thong comfortable? It certainly can be, but you’ll be happiest with your wear experience if you choose something designed with your needs in mind, especially if you’re a reluctant thong wearer or someone exploring thongs for the first time.

How to Make Thongs Comfortable

Ready for some insider tips on how to find the most comfortable thong possible? Here are a few to keep in mind. You’ll be a regular fixture on the thong bandwagon before you know it.

Understand it’s all about fit

Many women simply have no idea how a thong should fit. They expect it to be uncomfortable, so they don’t think anything of it when a particular thong is uncomfortable.

In actuality, comfortable thongs fit you snugly but naturally. The contours of the garment should fit comfortably over your hips, hugging your body without cutting into your skin. If your thong gaps, slips, or digs, it doesn’t fit you the way it should.

Make fabric a priority

Although there’s nothing wrong with decorative picks like lace, they may not be the best fabric choices for someone who’s still getting used to thongs.

Soft, breathable, buttery-soft fabrics are really the gold standard when it comes to a garment like a thong. This is especially the case if you’re looking for the most comfortable thong for everyday wear.

So many of our loyal customers love our seamless and smoothing underwear. Like Amy T., who describes it as the "Best thong I have ever worn. I love the feel of the fabric . This thong doesn't feel uncomfortable at all. The shape is perfect. I could buy more and wear them exclusively."

Give yourself time to adjust

A thong will naturally feel unusual when you’re not used to wearing one, but truly comfortable thongs are easy to get used to. Try wearing yours around the house the first couple of times to try it out and get used to the feeling. It won’t be long before you’re rocking your thong just as naturally as any other pantie.

How Evelyn & Bobbie Thongs Break the Mold

All Color: Champagne Ginkgo | seamless underwear

If you’re familiar with our groundbreaking bras, then you already know we approach comfort differently at Evelyn & Bobbie. This is just as much the case with our ultra-wearable underwear collection, including our High-Waisted Thongs.

  • Evelyn & Bobbie thongs are made of our signature super-soft fabric with four-way stretch and double-layered bonding. It fits you like a second skin, dries quickly, and is so lightweight, you’ll eventually forget it’s even there.
  • Our thongs fit you completely seamlessly, so they’ll definitely deliver that barely-there experience you’re after.
  • Rock your High-Waisted Thong in your choice of an impressive range of True Complexion fabric tones, the better to help it disappear under even light-colored fabrics.
  • Our High-Waisted Thong is designed to anchor securely and fit you more naturally than other thongs. No riding up, and no discomfort.
  • Inadequate support, especially in wire-free options
  • Health issues related to chronic pain and bra-related shoulder strain

Want a seamless thong that is so soft you’ll forget you’re wearing it? Evelyn & Bobbie has a solution that even thong-haters love. Check out our High-Waisted Thong and feel the difference.

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Did you know that women hold only 12 percent of today’s patents? Our founder Bree McKeen actually holds six of them, including those related to Evelyn & Bobbie’s patented EB Core support system.

EB Core technology doesn’t just take uncomfortable underwires out of the equation. It replaces them to offer women of every size, including well-endowed women, unbeatable support that also prioritizes comfort.

Comfort-forward designs

Evelyn & Bobbie bras are wonderfully stretchy from band to cup, as well as specially designed to flex and stretch where you need it most. This allows the bra to mold and adjust itself to fit your unique body over the first couple of wear sessions for an incredible customized fit.

Plus, straps are set wider over the shoulder to redistribute the weight of heavier breasts from delicate muscle tissue to the shoulder joint where it should be. That means no more chronic back pain and no more discomfort.

So, if you’re looking for the best wireless bra for a large bust, look no further than our extensive catalog of innovative options. Shop Evelyn & Bobbie’s bra collection today, and get ready to fall madly in love with your perfect fit!