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Aunt Bobbie (Yes--Bobbie from our namesake!) was a world traveler and a seamstress. Six months out of the year, she and her beloved Eddy ran the Pancake Cottage on Catalina Island. The other six months, they traveled the world. As a child she would tell us wild tales of her world travels.

At one point they flew to Europe, bought a VW bug, and proceeded to drive around Europe and Eastern Europe. For months. I think the rule was something like this: “five nights in a cheap hotel, two nights in a very fine hotel.”

At least one story from this trip involved bandits.

Of all the many stories she told, there’s one story that always stood out in my memory. It goes like this: In the 1940's, Bobbie took a steam ship to China. (Because that’s how you got there in those days apparently! She brought a tiny suitcase and “only two suits.” The skirt suits she had designed and sewn herself. One was black, and the other was a rusty beige. She added detailing so that they could also be worn together–each skirt with each jacket. For her, that stylish minimalism was something to delight in. Throughout her travels in China, she bought beautiful silks at the open-air markets. When she came home, she sewed blouses for each of her close girlfriends.

So to celebrate those of you who share Bobbie's wanderlust, this is the first in a three-part "travel series" from EB.

We hope this helps you feel inspired to create your own travel experiences, and maybe even bring us along.

From the heart,
Bree McKeen

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