A New Age of Bra Design:
Evelyn & Bobbie Leading the Charge

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If you were to take a wild guess at when the bra industry’s support features first hit the scene, what would you say? Would you assume they’re 10 years old, or maybe 20? Possibly 50, if you’re talking about staple features like underwires?

If so, you’d be very wrong. Believe it or not, underwire technology – the industry’s current standard when it comes to support – hasn’t been questioned in over 100 years. Or at least that was the case until Evelyn & Bobbie came along, determined to treat today’s women to a much-needed bra design upgrade.

The Stale State of the Bra Industry

As of 2021, the global bra industry has an estimated global value of about $27.8 billion. It’s projected to reach a value of approximately $46.5 billion by the end of 2031, and it’s not hard to understand why.

Bras are nothing if not essential women’s wear for several reasons. Not only do they offer fundamental support for women of all shapes and sizes, but they help us look and feel our best. However, genuine bra innovation has been at a standstill for a long time – over a century, when it comes to certain technologies.

When you consider that, it’s not hard to see why so many women experience bra-related issues like neck pain, cup spillage, poor fit, insufficient longevity, and general discomfort.


The Smoothing Bra Cami, a combined bra and tank, has long been a favorite of many of our customers, as it offers an elegant base layer for any garment. With an ergonomic design and smoothing back and side bands, the Smoothing Bra Cami offers a luxurious mix of contouring and comfort.

Infused with EB Core® Patented Lift, it's a perfect choice for minimizing back and shoulder pain while maximizing confidence. As Bobbie pointed out, the Smoothing Bra Cami also comes in a wide range of stylish colors, from our True Complexion line to limited edition leopard print.

The Evelyn & Bobbie Starlette Plunge Bra is a newer addition that features our lowest neckline to date. Designed to provide invisible comfort and support under any garment, the Starlette Plunge Bra offers adjustable straps and plenty of weightless lift in all the most flattering places.

Not only is the Starlette Plunge Bra designed with built-in anti-odor and moisture-wicking technology, but also offers extra support layers for larger breasts. Whether you’re in search of a bra with an alluring three-dimensional lift or wardrobe versatility, the Starlette Plunge has all your bases covered.

How Evelyn & Bobbie Is Breaking the Mold

When Evelyn & Bobbie first came along, we were on a mission to design a bra that solved common wear problems and empowered women to feel truly confident and comfortable.

We genuinely believed that bras could (and should) be supportive and effective while remaining comfortable and easy to wear. We’re proud to say that we were right.

Understanding the Industry’s Resistance to Change

Despite the fact that the bra market revolves around products for women, it also has a long history of being male-dominated. For example, Victoria’s Secret, the brand that dominates more than half the market when it comes to overall sales, had an 82-year-old male CEO until 2021 when the torch passed to yet another man – Martin Waters.

Many other designer bra brands have a history of male leadership, as well. Examples include Calvin Klein, Adore Me, and Agent Provocateur.

The result is an industry that isn’t as responsive as it could be to what modern women really need and want in a bra, even in cases where leadership and design teams include women. Instead, most of today’s bra offerings are based on male notions of what bras are and what they should do.

In other words, most of the people responsible for designing and marketing bras for modern women can’t personally relate to the experience of using them. However, Evelyn & Bobbie changed the narrative by creating a bra designed by and for women, according to what they really need and want.

Revolutionizing Technology for Comfort and Support

At Evelyn & Bobbie, no one’s in the dark about the current state of the bra market or the issues so many women have with the average bra out there on the market. In fact, we’ve completely redefined the idea of support with our patented EB Core®, changing the art of bra design forever, and we have six US Utility Patents to prove it.

Our EB Core® is an innovative wire-free shelf, carefully calibrated to support and lift from underneath. This further connects to an entire web of strategically placed bonded structures that leverage the way your body actually works to make your wear experience comfortable, effortless, and almost as natural-feeling as wearing nothing at all.

Our bra design process is also all about creating products that boost confidence, offer unbeatable support, and genuinely improve women’s lives.

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  • Each product undergoes extensive wear testing on a wide variety of different bodies to give us a good read on how it really performs for actual women
  • We then gather feedback from our testers, as well as our customers, and apply what we learn as needed.
  • We further reinforce the integrity of each product feature with detailed data.

Embracing Future Challenges

At Evelyn & Bobbie, we’re forever focused on what we do best – unpacking outmoded industry assumptions to zero in on inclusive bra design options that truly work for real modern women just like you.

For example, we’re rising to the occasion when it comes to solving lingering support issues experienced by well-endowed women. We’re adding even more layers of robust support to larger sizes, as well as improving the longevity of the straps to make the wear experience even better.

We’re working on some other fantastic surprises and designs our customers are sure to love too – so stay tuned! 

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