A Message of Gratitude

A Message of Gratitude from Evelyn & Bobbie's Founder, Bree McKeen

This is that time of year when we are putting on sweaters and gathering together. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve also been working pretty hard to pull it all together, too. Yes, this time of year comes with its stresses and challenges… but I also find this season to be the perfect time to take inventory of all the beautiful things I have to be grateful for. 

Collage of family photos

Here are just a few....

  • Skies: Big desert skies here on the ranch.
  • Family: Three beautiful kids, who love each other and bring out the best in one another.
  • Elders: Healthy grandparents on both sides that are so generous… and wise.
  • Love: A husband who shows up in every way and whom I admire daily.
  • Grace: I’m a fiery redhead and I’m surrounded by people who give me a lot of grace. If you’re one of these people, you know who you are, and thank you.
  • YOU: Fierce EB customers, encouraging us to keep going, and sharing the love. (That’s you.)

I want to focus on that last one for just a second. When I first started this company, a lot of people thought I was crazy. (You need a touch of that to launch a new product and a new brand.) I took a lot of risk. I made missteps along the way. But I believed unwaveringly that if I wanted a better bra, I wasn’t alone. And I believed that focusing on getting it right, no matter how much tenacity it took, would pay off in the end. 

Now, we get love letters from customers every day – telling us how much our bras have made a difference. Sending me personal notes of encouragement. It’s a lot of love. And it is our rocket fuel. Thank you for telling your family and friends about EB. Thank you for filling out our surveys and signing up for focus groups. Thank you for coming back to us again and again. 

Yes, YOU are my literal dream come true: a woman who needed what I needed. And took a chance on us.  

From my heart, and from our family to yours, I wish you a time of peace and joy this holiday season. I am so grateful for you.

- Bree

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