A Look Back at 2019


The start of 2019 wasn’t an easy one. We had to say goodbye to some colleagues who had been core to the maturing soul of the enterprise. It was a tough reality: our first bra was too complicated for consumers. We had to evolve.

We learned that women are tired of chasing that “just-right bra size.” We want the easy button. Easy to shop for. Easy to buy. Easy to wear.

By Spring, our easy-button-of-bras was coming along great. We had talked to so many customers, so many women. We followed their complex, dynamic lives. We listened.

The product vision was clear: it would be the easiest, softest, most supportive bra ever. We call it The Defy Bra.

Throughout each of the prototype reviews and sample rounds—there were many—we had a steady stream of real customers coming into our offices.

In all, we saw the Defy bra on over 150 bodies before we signed off on the final design.

And when it launched at the end of August, the results were better than we ever could have imagined. Thousands of you pre-ordered the bra before it was even available. You told your friends. You wrote us letters of thanks. You gave us five stars. You inspired us to keep driving.

I wear EB products every day. Pain-free. I am able to focus on the next exciting opportunity for our growing business without constantly worrying about and fussing with my undergarments.

I am no longer distracted by the discomfort of aching shoulders or a cutting underwire. My drawer is full of pain-free bras that truly support. I have dreamt of that day for decades. And now it’s my every day.

Since we launched in August, thousands and thousands of EB Customers share that same reality. Almost half of you have come back to restock.

So as we look at this incredible year of change and growth, I have one message: Thank you, to each of you who have followed our story.

You have used your dollars and your networks to help build a women-led company. You are part of our audacious mission to make life better for people with boobs. Your support is the reason we are here… supporting you right back.

2019 was a year full of challenges and growth. We learned to simplify and focus. Now, we are looking forward to 2020 where we have some tremendous partnerships and new products in store for you.

Bree McKeen
Founder & CEO

P.S. If you are looking for a good new years resolution, please feel free to make our tagline your own: “ STAND TALL AND LEAD FROM THE HEART."

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