BEHIND THE SCENES - Meet The Holt Sisters

Sarah Holt is a photographer we’ve worked with for many years, and we were lucky to partner with her again on our last photoshoot. When Sarah suggested bringing her sisters Amy, a stylist,  and Andrea, a model, into the process, we were amazed by the wealth of talent in this tight-knit family! 

Like EB, these sisters were born and raised in Portland, though their different skill sets have brought each of them to LA. 

We asked them a few questions about working with family during a global pandemic. 

EB - How has it been for you working and living in these chaotic times?

Sarah - This past year has been crazy with lifestyle changes for sure. I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting back on old work and learning where I would like to take my style in the future. Since the pandemic started, clients have been trusting me to produce shoots, so it has been really enjoyable to be a part of projects from start to finish. 

Amy - To be honest, at first everything was very slow. I think everyone was in shock and a bit terrified with the unknown. My work switched a lot from styling on sets and creating food build outs for events, to companies sending their products for me to style and photograph for them to use the images for their social media pages and websites. It's been a change working from home a lot more, but with my profession I am lucky it is easily doable. 

EB - What was it like working with your sisters?

Sarah - I love working with my sisters any chance I get. They are both incredibly talented girls and am lucky to have such a close personal and professional relationship with them. It’s great because we really trust one another and aren’t afraid to speak up and find a common ground that will benefit us both. 

EB - Have you worked together in the past?

Amy - I have worked with both my sisters in the past with miscellaneous jobs. Over quarantine Sarah and have been working together a ton! Partnering up to take on large jobs while keeping the team small for quarantine purposes. It has been so fun and such a good learning experience. I love working with both my sisters, but Sarah especially since we share the same interests and both hold different skill sets that complement one another's while not being competitive.

EB - You each have such unique skill sets. How did you find your working styles complemented each other? 

Sarah - Amy and I have been best friends since day one. There has never been any competition between us. Amy was the one that actually suggested I take photography in high school. From there I really fell in love with it and pursued it more seriously. 

When I first moved to LA in 2015 I was beginning to grow my book and planning many test shoots. I remember going through Amy’s closet and pulling clothing for the shoots since she always had such a fun mix of old and new as well as one-of-a-kind pieces. 

A few years ago Amy really fell in love with cooking and food styling so picked up a camera to document what she created. Her skills in photography have really developed over that time. I am in awe of her talents and love using her as my jack of all trades. 

EB - You all have such fast paced, often hectic jobs. Why is it important for you to have comfortable bras and underwear while you work?

Sarah - Nothing is worse than being on the job and having the constant discomfort of a lousy bra. When I was younger I got a breast reduction due to the discomfort. I remember bra straps digging into my shoulders and constant back pain. After the surgery the doctor suggested I stay away form bras with underwire bras for a few months. That’s when I really realized the discomfort that comes along with the bra structure of an underwire. It is important to have a bra that supports you but does not restrict you.

AmyI dislike underwire bras because so many of them are unformfortbale and if I am uncomfortable while moving around and working I am not in the best mood and don't get as much done. I often wear sports bras because they are a guaranteed comfort on busy days, but who wants to wear a sports bra all the time!

EB -  Are there any memories from shooting days that stand out?

Sarah - Collaborating with like-minded individuals and pushing one another to try something new. The best shots are those that aren’t planned. It’s the candid moments that are the most relatable.  

See more of Sarah's photography here & Amy's food styling here

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