3 Women-run Companies That You Will Love

Ever heard the phrase “empowered women empower women”? This phrase is a great representation of what Evelyn and Bobbie stands for. The company is inspired by, built by and made for women. Not only do we hope that our products support women, but our team hopes to build a supportive community between women-run companies. 

Below are 3 women-run companies that we know you will love. We are so sure that you will love their products that we are doing a giveaway with all of them, February 2-8. Check out our Instagram profile for the details. 

1. Sseko Designs (@ssekodesigns) 

Sseko Designs sells high-quality clothing and accessories, with the goal of supporting young-women in Uganda. Sseko hires these young women between secondary school and university to help them raise income for their education. In addition, each individual receives life skills training, professional mentors and valuable formal work experience. Liz’s vision for equal opportunity and empowering young-women is incredibly exciting and inspiring. If you want to help support their mission, check out their shop here.



Founder: Liz Forkin Bohannon (@lizbohannon)


2. Shhhowercap (@shhhowercap)


Jacquelyn De Jesu, the founder of Shhhowercap, thought that she was all alone in her frustrations with showercaps until she started talking to other women and realized that they, too, had the same frustrations. On her search for the perfect showercap, she found neither functionality nor beauty. However, being the innovative and imaginative woman that she is, she set out to recreate the showercap. Instead of settling, she re-imagined. 100% waterproof, fashion-forward silhouette, machine washable, built to last. Shop now.



Founder: Jacquelyn De Jesu (@deejayzoo)

3. Mer Sea & Co. (@merseaco)

After sending her 4th child to school full-time, Lina Dickinson was feeling a bit restless. She mentioned in an article on simplicityintheheartland.com that entering the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom is a difficult task and that it is easy to feel irrelevant in the world of business. Instead of succumbing to these negative thoughts, Lina (and Melanie) created a company that is inspired by the tranquility and universal pleasures of the ocean. Their products aim to make women feel comfortable, cozy and secure, and include timeless pieces that will last. Experience their luxurious products here.



Founders: Melanie Bolin and Lina Dickinson


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