An Evelyn & Bobbie New Years

We’re just not into resolutions. Really.

Instead, we’re proponents of ritual—that powerful driving force in women’s lives, that’s better than anything we know at keeping us on track with ourselves. Because nobody’s perfect and neither is the world. And isn’t that what’s so beautiful about all of us, and this, anyway?

We polled our team to see what rituals they observe each year, as January first rolls back around to greet them. In short, we’re ready to:

Toast some bubbly

Dance it all off

Send some light into the sky

Not least of all, hit “reset”

That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? The limitless possibility of tomorrow—and what each of us brings to it.


The following is an EB Woman’s Guide to Planning your New Year’s Eve in the PacNW:

Shanelle: “Bubbles by night, couch by day!”

Oregon bubbles: 
Legacy LaRue's Brut Rose

Cozy blanket: 
Pendleton Throw


For the dancers: shake it off.

Black-tie party-till-the-ball-drops:
The Portland Champagne Ball

Catch (Grammy-nominated) Brandi Carlile at the Crystal Ballroom

An arty party:
Inspire Truth Event at the Portland Art Museum

Alaska native Christina: “Fireworks. Sparkling light on the snow is magical.”

Mt Hood National Park: New Years extravaganza 

Couchside fireworks: Mount Hood Webcam


Rose (and her Dan): Chinese takeout and
The Big Lebowski

Order here: Snag some local grub


Bree loves to make a wish for the new year and send it into the sky:

Get your own sky lantern

Crea uses art to set her intentions. “We make a ‘New Year’s Shield.’ It’s a beautifully simple, impactful, and meaningful thing to do with my family.”

How to make one: Draw a big oval (shield) on a piece of paper. On the shield, write, draw, or paint all that you intend to foster and protect in the coming year. Everything that you want to let go of goes on the outside of the shield. Hang it somewhere that you see it every day.




Olivia and Kelsie = Home with their loveys, watching the Ball Drop in NYC.

Watch here:

Get outside! Fresh air for a fresh new year.

Anne says, “We make sure to walk/hike on New Year’s Day! This is a tradition that I have been sure to carry on with my girls.”

Go green:
Find your outdoor adventure

We’ve absolved ourselves from the confines of resolutions, but almost everyone brings mindfulness setting intentions.


Reed: “I surround myself with loved ones who I'm excited to share another year with."

However you choose to celebrate 2017, we hope it finds you warm, hopeful, and feeling loved. From all of us at the EB project house to all of you at yours, we wish you a very Happy New Year!

Crea McKeen | Art Director