Smooth Lace Bustier Bra

All the romance with none of the scratch.

Evelyn & Bobbie's Smooth Lace Bra marries our signature Everyday Bustier™ design with a beautiful, feminine lace.  The lace is digitally-printed on a soft, four-way-stretch fabric, so that it won't snag or create bulky lumps under your clothes. The black-on-blue, modern pattern makes this bra the perfect hybrid of beauty and function, with all the versatility you'll love. This Smooth Lace Bra is so stunning you might just want to show it off.

A bra as unique as you.

  • Moves with the human body.  Our bras are made for the three-dimensional women who wear them.  We've developed a proprietary 3D technology we call the EB Core™ that flexes and adapts to our unique shape.  The goal is that it moves and supports the body, providing a more gentle and elevated standard of comfort.
  • Redistributes breast weight to the body's core muscles.  Our unique bra design redistributes breast weight 360-degrees around the body's core, rather than to the shoulders and back.  When the body's core muscles engage to become the load-bearing support, we can eliminate the need for shoulder straps and minimize muscle fatigue. 
  • Gets rid of uncomfortable pressure points.  A wide back-band creates evenly-dispersed support all the way around the body making it possible to eliminate pressure points where fabric bunches together and can irritate and itch our skin.  Our bra has few seams and we've put them in low-sensory areas.
  • Eliminates underwires. Unlike a U-shaped underwire that forces breast tissue into a specific location and shape, our bra's wire-free system and contoured foam cups support in a gentle, more natural way.
  • Provides easy front entry. An easy-to-use front closure eliminates the twisting acrobatics involved with blind hooking behind-the-back.  Instead, our bra closes in front using an elegant, custom clasp that "clicks" when it's secure.

Luxe fabrics feel soft against your skin.

We custom-developed fabrics used in our bras to be as breathable, flexible, and luxe as possible. The macro-microfiber fabric uses the smallest filaments to ensure the feel is soft and supple to the touch. The fabric is a polyamide/elastane blend.

This bra will stand up, just like you.

For longest wear, hand wash your bra in cold water with gentle detergent, using only non-chlorine bleach. Do not wring or twist the bra. To dry, simply close the clasp and stand the garment upright on a flat surface.

The EB can also be put in a wash bag and washed on a delicate or lingerie cycle and dried standing up. Wash-bag included with first purchase.