Women Know. <br> What Women Need.

Women Know.
What Women Need.

Modern Design

For 85 years, most bras have been built around a 3¢ piece of metal called an underwire. A 1933 design still kicking around in 2018—is that really the best we can do? Women everywhere are taking their future into their own hands. We are part of that movement. The time is now to take the products designed for women to the next level.

For People With Boobs

Believe it or not, some of the biggest bra companies still have men serving as their most senior decision makers. We have some incredible men on the team and they are enormously valuable to our young company. But when it’s time to make decisions about the details of our products, we focus first on input and analysis from people who have boobs. Our products and experiences are designed by people with boobs, for people with boobs.