We Geeked Out. <br> On The Bra.

We Geeked Out.
On The Bra.

We are a Tech Company First

Evelyn & Bobbie is a start-up, founded in Portland, Oregon, a global epicenter for technical apparel design. With an incredible team who have worked at companies like Nike, Columbia Sportswear, and Adidas (all based in Portland), we take disrupting bra design seriously. All of our data feeds into a continuous improvement feedback loop. Your data not only helps you, it helps women like you.

Geeky and Proud

Our CEO, Bree, first began imagining this venture in 2013, using her training in Design Thinking from Stanford University to challenge every old-school convention she came across in terms of “how bras are made”. The mission: throw out the archaic 1930’s design, and put the woman at the center of the puzzle. Our head of Product has been designing highly technical bras for fifteen years. Our head of Technology can design a handmade leather bag and write code for a revolutionary algorithm. At Evelyn & Bobbie, we are serious bra geeks. And proud of it.