Fit Tips

Our founder and CEO, Bree McKeen, guides you through everything you need to know about your Everyday Bustier.

The EB is different because it’s designed to be different. This video explains the benefits of our wireless 3D design and EB Core.

How to open & close the clasp.
The EB has a beautiful rose gold front closure design. This video guides you through how to open and close the clasp.
How to wear your EB.
In this video, we show you what to expect when you try on the EB for the first time.
How to wear your straps.
This video will show you the variety of ways you can configure the EB straps for fashion freedom.
How to prevent cup spillover.
When you first receive your EB, you may notice some breast tissue spillover or “double bubble.” This video explains how to stretch and loosen the top cup of your EB.
What ideal fit looks like.
You may be wondering, is the EB the best fit for me? In this video, we show you some examples of what a good fit should look like.
Are the cups too small?
The EB might not be giving you the coverage you are looking for. This video displays what it might look like when the cups are too small.
Are the cups too large?
If you are experiencing gaping or excess space in the cups of your EB, the cup is most likely too large. In this video, we show you what that might look like.
Is the band too large?
If the band of your EB is slipping or sliding down, the band is probably too big. In this video, we help you decide if you need a smaller band.
Is the band too tight?
When you try on your EB for the first time, you will most likely know if the band is too tight. This video helps you determine if the band is too tight or the cup is too small.
How to care for your EB.
Your EB should be properly cared for to ensure the longest life of your bra. We show you some tips on how to wash, dry and store your EB.