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“They used data-driven design to create a bra that actually supports breasts without any of that uncomfortable nonsense.”

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“This bra company wants to make underwire a thing of the past”

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“Future generations aren’t going to know what an underwire is.”

“There is no pinching on my sides, it’s perfectly comfortable and it feels like skin”

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"You can really feel that it’s a different type of structure, rather than an underwire. Other [wire-free] bras don’t have any support."

“Technology that offers a 360-degree hold and helps redistribute weight from the shoulder muscles to the core muscles.”

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“If you’re thinking this invention sounds kind of amazing, you’re not alone”

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“This feels better than not wearing a bra… This magic fabric they created is absolutely unreal.”

“I’m really excited about a color that actually matches my skin tone. [And] it’s a complete game-changer to actually feel a bra that fits around the band—it’s not too loose or too tight.”