Prices Increasing - A message from our founder

Prices Increasing - A message from our founder

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Ok good idea, let’s get the bad news out of the way: Our bra prices are going up. 

The Defy and Beyond Bras will now be $78.

The Evelyn Bra and Smoothing Cami will be $88.

Let me provide a bit more color on this price increase:  Everything is getting more expensive. From elastic raw material prices to freight, fulfillment labor… even the damn print cartridges in our printer went up this month.

Our bras cost about four times what an old-school underwire costs to produce (facts!), because of our incredible technical product. We are a women owned small business, and our hardworking team grinds hard to keep bringing you the best products at the lowest possible price.

Remember, Afterpay is a great way to get your bra today, but pay over time. In fact our customer Cheryl recently wrote:

“This bra is so well made and worth every penny. I bought two of them, but think I’ll buy more over time.”

Thanks, Cheryl!

Now the really good news: We are more committed than ever to being your ultimate wire-free solution for all your customers’ needs. Next year we are launching two new bras:

  1.  The Bobbie Scoop – a thinner strapped, lighter Defy step-in bra; and 
  2. The Starlette Soft Plunge  our deepest neckline yet, with adjustable straps and band.

I hope that despite this unavoidable increase, you see that our future is bright, together.

If you have questions, or want to talk about my decision, I’m here for it. Email me at 

And lastly, I hope you are so excited about the new bras coming in 2023. I have personally tested every prototype, as I do all of our products, and I’m blown away by how beautifully they serve to fill out our collection, providing more fashion freedom and a bra for every occasion.

With love and gratitude,


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