You Are the Hero of Our Story

I joined Evelyn & Bobbie six months ago, where I found myself working alongside a team of incredible women. 

As we got to know each other, we started sharing stories about our personal lives and experiences. It occurred to me: There must be countless experiences just like ours, that link each of us to one another as women. Only we often keep them to ourselves. We have these shared connections, but we rarely talk about them. Why is that? 

I decided to get out into the world and see if other women might open up to me, too. I gave them the opportunity to share stories about their lives, and I challenged myself to give them the space they needed. To just listen to them. 


I met some amazing women in Portland, in Seattle, and in Dallas. As I listened to them talk, I was struck by the level of trust they extended to me; a total stranger. I was heartened by their honesty. They were willing to be completely vulnerable, and that was profound. When we shine a light on these kinds of shared experiences, we stand to feel a little bit less alone, a lot more connected and supported. 

Our team is working to build a better bra. But that bra isn’t the hero of our story, and neither are we. Women, just like you, are at the center of it all. And it’s our job to hear you. 

We hope you’ll follow along over the next few weeks, as I share some of these extraordinary, everyday stories. Follow along on Facebook


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