The 3-cent Piece of Steel That Is Holding Women Back and Not Up


When Venus and Serena Williams hit the court at Wimbledon, they don’t wear sportswear that was designed during the prohibition era. Their clothing marries form and function, for maximum performance. The rest of us might not be award-winning athletes, but does that mean that we don’t deserve to have the same tech advances applied to our own critical performance-wear? So why are we still wearing bras with a piece of wire inside them, something that was added to the design way back in the 1930s?

We at Evelyn & Bobbie are shocked at how little bra design has evolved in the past 100 years. We are still wearing the same basic design that our grandmothers wore. The technology that goes into a sneaker for an athlete—the rigorous testing, the performance standards and expectations—they should all be applied to bra design. Each one of us is (basically) testing our own bras every day, whether we’re sitting at our desk or running for a bus. How is yours performing for you?

Have you ever tugged at the hard wires under your boobs and thought, what is this thing? It’s just a cheap piece of wire: These days it might be metal, resin, or even plastic. A design that was determined long ago to be something we all needed to hold us up. This cheap piece of metal is put into about 90 percent of bras on the market. Is this wire really still necessary to have inside our bras? As female consumers, we are (more than) ready for something new, something better, something more evolved.

Most of us consider ourselves well-informed and educated buyers, so why is it so difficult for most of us to identify a good bra? Could it be that we just don’t know what a good bra should feel like. Most of us are willing to compromise on fit and comfort because so many brands don’t even carry our size or we aren’t the “typical shape” (whatever that is). But don’t we all deserve more function and comfort than that wire can deliver?

We are ready to say goodbye to the wire and move on to something greater. That’s our mission here at Evelyn & Bobbie. We’re bringing you a great shape, fantastic fit, unparalleled comfort, and support. Because that is what we are expecting out of the bra we are building; all the structure and support, but without a wire. By women, for women.

Evelyn & Bobbie