A Supper Club for Women

As a start-up, our team pulls some seriously long hours together.

We’re a creative bunch of like-minded women, who’ve had our collective nose to the grindstone for the past 18 months, without much time for anything else. Like so many of you, we get busy managing our careers and taking care of others, that the easiest thing to lose track of is ourselves. So, we started tossing around ideas for how we could better keep in-touch—both with each other, and with women outside of our company who aren’t as familiar with what we’ve been up to (not to mention our endless chatter about bras).

One of the ideas that rose to the top was for a women’s-only Supper Club. Hosted by our team, in the home where we work, it would be a chance for us to hear what women were talking about and experiencing outside these walls. But to also to invite them into our own space, so they could see firsthand just what Evelyn & Bobbie is all about.


We set the date for our first Supper. And our whole team felt confident we’d be discussing our future as women, after having just elected the first female president of the United States. We had imagined vibrant conversations about our triumph would ensue around our dinner table, and how easy it would be for us to connect over this new, brighter future.

As you might imagine, the emotions and the sentiments shared around our table that night were different than we had all expected. Most of us still felt sluggish and raw from the unexpected election results. But connecting over this shared experience, even if it wasn’t triumphant, felt good. Really good. We talked about our hopes and our fears. About our relationships with our mothers, and about the hard work we now needed to do for our own daughters.


Our discussion was healing; a sort of release or catharsis. And the tempo only grew stronger and steadier, as the night came to a close. We opened up, and we allowed each other in. The energy in the room hummed, and it lifted us. Some of us cried. But all of us also laughed really hard.

We could never have expected this level of success for our first Supper Club. How deep the conversation would go, or how strengthened and connected we’d leave feeling. How reluctant we would be to say “good night.” By gathering, we grow closer. And in so doing, were more supported and empowered. We look forward to a future bright with many more of these candle-lit evenings. And we hope you’ll join us there.

Crea McKeen | Art Director