Frequently Asked Questions

Making My Size

What size ranges will you serve?
Evelyn & Bobbie is the first bra company dedicated to real innovation in the bra category. Our first design is currently slated to serve up to a size G. It is our long-term intention to solve as many problems for as many bodies as possible.

What is a Fit Salon?
Fit Salons are luxe pop-up shops where we gather key fit measurement information and give you an opportunity to select your fabric and other product features. Instead of using the conventional two measurements to fit your bra, we use a 3-D fit system to create a comprehensive, all-over measurement. We are taking great care to design a premium experience that is comfortable and fun. Our intention is to markedly exceed the old-school fitting room experiences you may have experienced in the past.

Where will Fit Salons be located?
Our first Fit Salons will be scheduled in major cities across the United States. Our schedule is currently under development and is expected to be shared with you sometime in 2017. If you would like more information, please email us at


Where do I find information on my Legacy Membership?
As a Legacy Member you will receive regular updates regarding the status of our product development, activities, and events. If you are not receiving our updates or have specific questions related to your membership, please contact us at