Evelyn & Bobbie

Based on a true story.

Our name honors the spirit of two real women—one a starlet, the other a seamstress and adventurer. Together they reflect the union of fashion and function, art and science.

Evelyn & Bobbie is the world’s first product design company redefining both the bra and the bra shopping experience. You deserve a dynamic solution that fits you, delights you, and never lets you down.



At Evelyn & Bobbie we support women to be the best version
 of themselves. We want to change the world with you. 


1. No two of us are alike.  

We’re born from women, not factories. We celebrate the curves of our originality, the shape of our individualism, and the diverse forms of our brilliance. 


2. We are pioneers.  

We aren’t afraid of being the first to do it right. We solve problems with curiosity, purpose, careful methodology, and plain ol’ smarts. We make meaning through data while keeping real women’s experiences at the center of our innovation. 


3. Fueled by the power of imagination.

We’re big dreamers — and we’re big doers. We’re transforming possibility into reality, creating the space to nurture potential, and finding the courage to wholeheartedly embrace the unknowns of infinite possibility. 


4. The small things are the big things. 

We do not choose between form and function; we design for both. As caretakers of the details, we prioritize what we see, smell, taste, hear, and touch.  Mindful, meaningful; form and function. We find beauty in purpose.


5. Listening. Learning.

Our voices matter. Mine. Yours. Ours.  We invite you to this table: in our research, in our Project House, in everyday conversation. So tell it to us, sisters, all of it: the joyful, the glorious, the mediocre, the questionable, and the downright painful. This is how we learn. From each other.


6. Community and connection. 

Our power works in unison—stronger in concert with the power of others. We support each other. We hold each other up. We’ve got each other’s backs. We live in a world where women lead and are fortified by other women.


7. Founded in legacy. 

We rise from the women who came before us and those who will follow, those leading the way, taking risks, pushing the boundaries, holding down the fort, saying no, saying yes, asking questions. We rise from those who go right to the heart of it, those who discern when to fight or surrender, who bit their tongues, who spoke their truths, whose mistakes made them wiser for the wear. We honor the foregoers. 


8. The revolution is now. 

It’s time for change. It’s been time. This very moment is where the past and future converge into possibility. The act of being a consumer can mean more than acquiring an object, and the act of making a product can mean more than the bottom line. We exist to revolutionize products for women and the industries that produce them. 


Or, to put it simply: 
The future is bright. Stand tall and lead from the heart.



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